Okuma – The Ship that did not sink

16 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Battığı sanılan ama batmayan geminin basit İngilizce hikayesi / The story of a ship that did not sink though everyone thought it had

Like Subuti, his father had been a sailor. Some said his father inspired him to become a sailor. However, things were different. It all started with a TV advert. “I love this man because he’s a real sailorsaid the blond woman on TV, standing with a handsome sailor on a fabulous yacht. This advert enchanted Subuti. Although the advert was aimed at influencing people wealthy enough to buy a yacht, it affected Subuti, too. But the effect was of a very different kind. Subuti decided to be a sailor. He immediately went to his closest friend, Necati, and told him of his decision

It was the night of the 22nd of December 1997 and the Isles of Potatoe off the coast of Antalya were covered in thick fog. The Mitanic, Necati’s small fishing ship, was on its way from Cyprus to Antalya. It had been sailing for 13 days when it got close to Antalya, and it would, as Subuti calculated, take two more to get there. This was Subuti’s first experience in his career as a sailor and he was anxious to show Necati that he was a good sailor.

Earlier that day Necati had warned Subuti the captain of a ghost ship sailing among the Isles of Potatoe. Yet Subuti had been too proud and confident to listen to him. “This is nonsense. We are going to be in Antalya 2 days later. Go and sleephe had said.

Suddenly, however, there appeared a large ship in the fog. Subuti, not remembering the mention of the ghost ship and anxious to get out of its way, turned the steering wheel violently. However, the ship was not real. It was the ghost ship Necati had talked about. Therefore, Subuti had to go on his way as if he had seen nothing unusual. But he had turned the wheel. The Mitanic hit the rocks and, unable to keep its balance, leant over and sank within minutes.

Fortunately, both Subuti and Osman survived. They swam to the nearest island. Although they were extremely worn out, Necati could not help laughing. “You the great sailor Subuti! This was your first ship and you’ve managed to sink it. Congratulations!” Subuti was shivering. He felt too cold and angry to speak. He was terribly disappointed. Suddenly, however, he gave a loud cry; “Look at that, Necati!” Necati looked but couldn’t believe his eyes. The Mitanic had reappeared as if it had not sunk.

Two months later, when they finally managed to get to Antalya, no one believed their story. By the doctor who analyzed their mental condition, they were declared insane and shut in an asylum.