Okuma – Environmental Problems at School

13 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Okullarında çevre sorunları olduğuna inanan üç kafadarın basit İngilizce hikayesi / The story of three friends who believe there are environmental problems in their school

Ali said the most important environmental problem at school was cheese pollution. “Our friends believed Mr. Yılmaz who told them that cheese makes you happy.” he said. Hüseyin agreed with him and said “Mr. Yılmaz is wrong. Cheese doesn’t make you happy. I tried it myself.” Onur said he had tried it too and found it completely useless. “I ate four kilos of cheese in one day but that didn’t make me happyhe said. “Now there is cheese everywhere. It is on the floor. It is in their bags. It is on my nape. Our friends bring to school a lot of cheese. They eat half of it. They throw away the other halfsaid Ali. “As a solution we must warn our friends. We must tell them that cheese didn’t make us happy and it won’t make them happy, either.”

Another important problem that they identified was endangered species. “Cheater (a cheating student) is becoming extinct in our school” Hüseyin said. “That is because teachers have been overhunting (hunting too much) them. Their population is decreasing rapidly. They will have become extinct by the time we graduate from this school.” Ali said. Onur agreed with them and he added that they really needed that rare species because the school would be a less enjoyable place without cheater. Loss of habitat appeared to be another important reason for the extinction of this animal. “We know that cheaters can only live in big and crowded classrooms. They also prefer colder places. Today our classrooms are not very crowded. They are not very cold, either.” said Ali, and the others agreed with him. Then they decided to talk to the principal about it.