Okuma – A Good Boy

11 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

A day in the life of a good student / İyi bir öğrenci olan Kemalettin’in günlük yaşantısı ve ailesi hakkında basit İngilizce’yle yazılmış bir okuma parçası

Some students are good, some students are lazy. Kemalettin is a good student. He has a regular life; he studies every day for an hour; he doesn’t go to bed late. He sleeps well and is never late to school. When he comes home after school, he does homework. Then he talks to his brother, Ahmet, for a while. Ahmet is nine years old. Kemalettin is his elder brother. Ahmet is a good student, too. They don’t go to the same school. Ahmet is at primary school but Kemalettin, being fifteen years old, goes to high school.

After he talks to Ahmet, Kemalettin reads for two hours. He likes reading stories and magazines. He usually reads one book a week. He thinks that reading is very useful. When he talks to Ahmet, he says to him that good students read a lot, because reading makes them intelligent. After reading, he has dinner. He loves dinner very much because his mother cooks delicious meals, and because all the family comes together at dinner.

Kemalettin has another brother. His name is Tuğrul and he is eighteen years old. They love each other very much but Kemalettin can’t see him every day because Tuğrul lives in another city. He is a university student. After dinner Kemalettin often telephones him. He is very excited and happy when he talks to him.

Kemalettin likes watching TV, too but he doesn’t watch it every day. On some days there are some interesting films. He never misses them.

Kemalettin usually goes to bed at ten. After a good sleep, he gets up early and has a big breakfast. Then he leaves home for school. He is ready for a new day.