Carmen is interviewing Lily

interviewParçayı dinleyip soruları cevaplayınız. Dinleme metni testin altındadır. (Green person = Çevreci)


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#1 What did Lilly and her friends do a protest last week?

#2 Why did they have a party at a café?

#3 What did they do after the party?

#4 What is the name of Lily’s team?

#5 Why did she set up this group?

#6 What did they do yesterday?



Dinleme Metni

Carmen is interviewing Lily for the school magazine.


Carmen: Hi Lily. Are you a green person?

Lily: Yeah. I think so. At least I am trying to be.

Carmen: You did a big protest last weekend. What was the reason?

Lily: Yes. Some people were cutting down trees. We wanted to stop them and finally we did.

Carmen: Great. What did you do after the event?

Lily: We had a party at the Breeze Café, and celebrated our victory.

Carmen: Cool. Then?

Lily: We went to the same forest and planted trees.

Carmen: Wow. You did a marvelous job.

Lily: We also have a team now called “Green Group”

Carmen: Oh. Why did you set up this group?

Lily: To work for the environment. We take action against nature killers.

Carmen: We wish you luck Lily. Please add me to the group.

Lily: Oh yeah sure. Guess what? We did another big job yesterday.

Carmen: You are kidding. What is it?

Lily: You know, there are lots of street animals. We built a shelter for 20 dogs. They are safe now.

Carmen: You are great.