Ally and the Clown

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#1 How old is Ally?

#2 Where is the party?

#3 Which one of the following NOT necessary to be a clown?

#4 What is Ally’s dream job?

#5 What is Norman’s birthday present for Ally?



Dinleme Metni

Norman is at Ally’s birthday party. Ally is 13 years old. She usually has a party at home. She is having a party at the hospital.

Norman: You are happy Ally, aren’t you?

Ally: yes, I am happy. All my friends are here today.

Norman: They are enjoying the party, aren’t they?

Ally: Yeah, they are.

Norman: Do you want to dance?

Ally: yes. Wait. I am coming. Norman, can I be a clown one day?

Norman: First answer my questions. Are you good at acting?

Ally: Yes, sure. I am in the school drama club.

Norman: Do you like laughing and making people laugh?

Ally: well, yeah.

Norman: Do you enjoy singing and acting?

Ally: Of course I do.

Norman: Can you practice every day?

Ally: Yeah. Maybe.

Norman: OK then. I have a gift for you.

Ally: Really? What is it?

Norman: Happy birthday.

Ally: Oh, this is a clown costume. Yuppy.

Norman: This is for your future job.

Ally: Thank you Norman.