Pinocchio Part II C


Pinocchio Part II C Resimli AnlatımTHE SWINDLERS
Honest John and Gideon were at an inn, drinking and singing. John was talking to the coachman. He was talking about Pinocchio.
HJ: And he believed us and he still thinks we are his friends. Ha ha ha. And Stromboli paid us plenty.
C (Coachman): Would you like to make real money?
HJ: Well. For what? Who do we have to kill?
C: I’m collecting stupid little boys.
HJ: Stupid little boys?
C: Yes, those who escape from school. I take them to Pleasure Island. They never come back. Tonight I am going to the island. Meet me at the crossroads. Bring a boy and I will give you money.
Pinocchio and Jiminy were on the way home. Pinocchio looked determined and serious.
P: I will be a good boy. I will go to school. Nothing can stop me now.
J: I hope so. Let’s race home.
And they began to run. Pinocchio was behind. Suddenly Honest John appeared and stopped Pinocchio.
HJ: Hello Pinocchio. What is your rush?
P: I gotta (=have to) beat Jiminy home.
HJ: You have become a great actor, right?
P: I don’t want be an actor.
HJ: Why not?
P: I learnt my lesson.
HJ: Oh poor boy. You must be a nervous wreck (=you have serious psychological problems).
Then Honest John pretended to be a doctor. He examined Pinocchio and then he said,
HJ: You are allergic. And there is only one cure: A vacation on the Pleasure Island.
P: But I can’t go.
HJ: Of course you can. I am giving you my ticket. You have to go. Your health comes first.
So, Honest John persuaded Pinocchio to go to the Pleasure Island.



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#1 Why was Jiminy angry with Pinocchio at the theater?

#2 Why was Pinocchio popular at the theatre?

#3 Why was Stromboli happy?

#4 Why did Jiminy say, “Maybe I was wrong”?

#5 Why was Geppetto worried?

#6 Why did Jiminy go to Stromboli’s caravan?

#7 Why was Stromboli angry with Pinocchio?

#8 Who saved Pinocchio from Stromboli?

#9 Why did Pinocchio’s nose grow?

#10 What did the coachman want Honest John to do?

#11 Where was Pinocchio going when he met Honest John again?

#12 How did Honest John persuade Pinocchio to go to the Pleasure Island?