Pinocchio Part II B


Pinocchio Part II B Resimli AnlatımAnd Pinocchio told him what happened.
J: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll get you out of the cage in no time at all.
Then he jumped into the lock. But he couldn’t open it.
J: I think it is rusty.
Pinocchio was regretful. He was crying.
P: I should have listened to you, Jimmy. I should have gone to school.
J: Oh, take it easy, son. Don’t cry. Come on.
Just then they saw the Blue Fairy coming. Pinocchio was panicky because he was ashamed.
P: Oh, what will I tell her?
J: Tell her the truth.
Now Blue Fairy was inside the caravan.
F: Why didn’t you go to school, Pinocchio?
P: Well, I was going to school till I met somebody.
F: Somebody?
P: Yeah. Two big monsters.
Then Pinocchio’s nose grew because this was a lie.
F: Weren’t you afraid of the monsters?
P: No. They tied me in a big sack.
Then the nose grew again.
F: And where was Jiminy?
P: Jiminy? Well, they put him in a little sack.
The nose grew bigger. It looked like the branch of a tree and there was a bird nest at the end of it.
P: My nose? What has happened?
F: Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio?
P: Oh, I have told you the truth. Every single word.
Then his nose grew even bigger.
P: Please help me. I am terribly sorry.
F: Well, you see Pinocchio. A lie keeps growing and growing until it is as plain as the nose on your face.
P: I’ll never lie again.
J: Please forgive him for my sake.
F: I’ll forgive you this once. But remember, this is the last time I can help you.
Then Pinocchio and Jiminy, his conscience, left the caravan.