Pinocchio Part I B

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Pinocchio Part I B Resimli AnlatımJ (Jiminy): Conscience is that small voice inside you. It tells you what is right and what is wrong. When you do wrong, it warns you. But people don’t listen to it.

P: Are you my conscience?

J (surprised): No, I am not.

F: Would you like to be Pinocchio’s conscience?

J: Uh, well.

Then the fairy touched Jiminy with the magic wand;

F: Now you are Pinocchio’s conscience. You will help him when there is temptation. You will be his guide along the straight and narrow path.

F (to Pinocchio): Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.

P: Good bye my lady.

Now, Jiminy and Pinocchio were alone. Jiminy wanted to teach Pinocchio.

J: Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.

P: Temptations?

J: Yep. Temptations are the wrong things that seem right at the time.

Pinocchio didn’t understand him but he said,

P: I’m gonna (=going to) do right.

J: and I’m gonna help you. Whenever you need me, just whistle.

While singing and dancing, Pinocchio stepped into two buckets and fell down. He caused a lot of noise and woke up Geppetto.

G: Who is there?

P: It’s me.

Then Geppetto was very afraid. He thought there was a stranger in the room. He got out of the bed. He took a candle and began to look for the stranger. Then Pinocchio appeared.

P: Here I am.

G: Oh… Pinocchio. But this can’t be real. I think I am dreaming in my sleep.

Geppetto couldn’t believe it. He poured a whole jug of water on himself. Then he went back to Pinocchio.

G: Well, say something.

P: You are funny. Do it again.

G: You talk. This is real.

P: Yes, the Blue Fairy came.  She gave me life. She also gave me a conscience. Someday I am going to be a real boy.

Now Geppetto believed it. He was very happy.
G: A real boy. It was my wish. It has come true.
Then he showed Pinocchio to Figaro and Cleo. He was filled with joy.