The Donkey, The Fox, and The Lion


A donkey and a fox became friends and started to walk together in order to find food. They walked together for some time and then they saw a lion. They were both frightened. But the fox made a plan. He went up to the lion and whispered in his ear, “I will help you to kill and eat the donkey without getting tired. But you must promise to let me go free”. The lion agreed to this plan. Then the fox went back to the donkey, whispered in his ear, and led him into a pit.
This pit was a trap for wild animals and it was dug by a hunter. The donkey jumped into the pit. The lion saw that the donkey was in the pit and could not get out of it. So, he jumped onto the fox and killed and ate him first. He could eat the donkey later because it was waiting in the pit.

If you betray a friend, you will ruin yourself


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#1 Why were the donkey and the fox walking?

#2 Why did the fox betray the donkey?

#3 Why did the donkey go into the pit?

#4 Who did the lion eat first? Why?