The Fisherman and the Little Fish


A fisherman cast his net into the sea. When he drew it, there was only a little fish in it.
The little fish begged the man, “Please put me back into the water. I am only a little fish now but I will grow big one day. Then you can catch me again and you will have a big fish to eat.” But the fisherman replied, “Oh, no, I will keep you now because I have got you: if I put you back in the water, will I catch you again? No.” So he took the fish home, cooked it, and ate it.


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#1 What else did the fisherman catch?

#2 Why did the little fish ask the fisherman to put it back into water?

#3 What happened to the fish in the end?

#4 Why didn’t the fisherman put the little fish back into the water?