The Donkey and His Burdens


A poor man had a donkey. One day he went to the town and bought a lot of salt. He loaded the donkey with the salt. It was a heavy load. On the way home, the donkey stumbled while he was crossing a stream and fell into the water. The salt got wet and most of it melted. So, when the donkey stood up, his load was much lighter. However, the man took him back to the city. He bought more salt and loaded it up on the donkey again.
When they reached the stream, the donkey lay down in it and then stood up, and his load was lighter again. But the man understood the trick. He turned back to the city again but this time he bought a lot of sponges, and put them on the donkey. When they came to the stream, the donkey lay down again, but now the sponges soaked a lot of water, and when the donkey got up, his burden was heavier than ever.


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#1 Why did the man go to the town?

#2 What happened on the way back home?

#3 Why was the load much lighter when the donkey got out of the water?

#4 Why did the donkey go into the stream again?

#5 What did the man buy the last time they went into the city?

#6 Why was the donkey’s load much heavier after he went into the stream for the last time?