The Slave and the Lion – Ezop Masalı

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Hikaye Metni

A slave ran away from his master who was a cruel man. He went to desert because he was afraid that they might catch him. While he was walking in search of food and shelter, he came to a cave. He entered the cave and found that it was empty. However, it was a lion’s den. Soon the lion came to the cave too. The man was very afraid. He thought that this was the end of his life. But, the lion did not jump on him or eat him. Instead, he walked up to the man like a little cat. The man was surprised. The lion was crying and showing his paw. The man saw that the paw was swollen and red, and there was a big thorn in it. He removed the thorn and cleaned and covered the paw. In time, the paw healed completely. The lion’s gratitude was limitless. They became good friends and shared the cave. One day, however, the slave wanted to be among people, and he said goodbye to the lion and returned to the town. But they recognized him in town, chained him and took him to his master. The master wanted to show everyone that runaway slaves would have a terrible end. So, he would throw him to wild animals at the arena.
On the fatal day, animals ran to the arena. Some of the animals were big lions. Then they threw the slave into the arena. A big lion walked toward the slave. Everybody thought that the lion would kill the slave. But the lion didn’t kill the slave because he was his old friend of the cave! The spectators were surprised and they shouted that the slave should be free. The Emperor agreed with them as he was also surprised at the lion’s gratitude and fidelity. He ordered that both the lion and the slave receive their freedom.