The Apes and the Two Travellers


Two men were travelling together. One of them never told the truth. The other never told a lie. On their way, they came to the land of apes. The King of the Apes heard of their arrival, and he ordered, “Bring the travelers before me!” He wanted to impress them with his magnificence. So, he received them sitting on his throne. When the travelers came in, he asked them a question, “What do you think of me as a king?” The lying traveler said, “Sire, you are a most noble and mighty king.”
The king of apes was very happy with this answer and he gave a very nice present to the lying traveler. The other traveler thought that if the king rewarded his friend for his lies, he would give him a greater reward for telling the truth. So, when the king asked, “And what is your opinion?” He replied, “I think you are a very fine Ape.” However, the king got very angry with this answer and ordered the apes to kill him.


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#1 What were the two men doing?

#2 What did the first traveller never tell?

#3 Where did they arrive on their way?

#4 Why did the king order the travellers before him?

#5 What question did the ape king ask the travellers?

#6 Why did the king give the first traveller a nice present?

#7 What did the second traveller expect the king to do in return for his answer?

#8 Why did the king kill the second traveller?