The Nutcracker


Nutcracker Resimli

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a large grand house, and a magnificentChristmas tree in that house, and a crackling fire. There was music in every room because it was the Christmas Eve (the day before the Christmas Day when Jesus Christ was born)

Clara and Franz were brother and sister. They were excited because it was the Christmas Eve and because they were waiting for someone.

They were waiting for Uncle Drosselmeyer. He was a clever man and a good toymaker.

Waiting was boring. While waiting, Franz was playing with his toy soldiers, and Clara was playing with her dolls.

“How long will he be?”, asked Clara

“I don’t know but I am very bored.”, said Franz.

Then they heard the clip clop of horses. And they felt happy because Uncle Drosselmeyer was coming. Uncle Drosselmeyer walked in. He greeted the party guests.

And he brought presents for children, a puppet for Helen and a castle for Franz.

For Clara, he brought a nutcracker. Franz saw the nutcracker

And he loved it. But he felt jealous and turned green with envy.

Clara thought, “It is MY nutcracker.”

Franz said, “I love soldiers. Give it to me, please.”

Clara replied, “No, I won’t. It is my nutcracker and I love it, too.”

Franz tried to snatch it from her hand. But Clara didn’t let it go. Then the nutcracker was broken in two. Clara began to cry and uncle Drosselmeyer saw it.