Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Part I                Part II


Once upon a time…

There is a queen. She has a baby. The baby’s name is Snow-white. She is a lovely little girl. One day, the queen dies. Snow White is very young. Snow-white’s father, the king marries another woman. That woman becomes the new queen. The new queen is jealous of Snow White.

Snow White grows up and becomes a beautiful woman.

One day…

A handsome prince is riding his horse and passing by the castle. He sees Snow White and falls in love with her. The queen is very angry because she is jealous.

The queen has a mirror. It is a magical mirror because it talks!

The queen asks the mirror: “Who is the most beautiful woman?”

And the mirror replies, “You are the most beautiful, my lady.”

And the queen is happy. But one day, Snow White turns 18 years old. She is a very beautiful young woman. Now when the queen asks the mirror, “Who is the most beautiful woman?”

The mirror replies, “You are beautiful, my queen. Yet the most beautiful woman is Snow White”

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