Haşim was ill


Yesterday Haşim didn’t go to school because he was ill. Normally he gets up at 6:30 in the morning. But yesterday he got up at 9:00. He had breakfast at 9:15 and then he watched TV from 10:00 to 12:00. He felt very tired and went to bed. He slept until 4 in the afternoon. (www.bebekce.gen.tr) When he woke up, he was very hungry. He went to the kitchen. He ate two hamburgers. Then he went back to the living room and watched TV. At 6 pm his father came home. He was very tired and hungry.

Father: Hello Haşim. How are you?

Haşim: I am feeling better, father. How are you?

Father: I am very hungry. Where is your mother?

Haşim: She is in the kitchen. Sister is in the bedroom. She is sleeping.

Then father went to the kitchen. The dinner wasn’t ready yet. Father was angry. But he didn’t say anything. He went to the living room and watched TV. At 6:30 dinner was ready.

Mother: Haşim, come here. Call your father and sister too. Dinner is ready.

Then they all went to the kitchen and had dinner. Father was happy now.


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#1 Haşim didn’t go to school. Why not?

#2 Why did Haşim get up at 9:00 yesterday?

#3 What time did he have breakfast?

#4 What did he eat at 4 o’clock?

#5 What time did the father come?

#6 Why was the father angry?

#7 What time did they have dinner?

#8 Where was Haşim’s mother when his father came home?

#9 What was Haşim’s sister doing when his father came home?